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Camila : 2023/09/15(Fri) 02:09 ID : 573da43c

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testing file upload by Camila

Did it work??

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15/8/2023 : 2023/08/16(Wed) 08:02 ID : 1d7e1ec6 [URL]

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no title by 15/8/2023


This is the first entry in my sketch-diary.

I created this board 'cause I felt I needed a place to just vent and to throw some silly thoughts into the void, knowing someone might read them, but not wanting them to be big publications.

I hope this can also be an incentive to publish small things more often.

Vacations are tricky for a workaholic.

You now now is your one chance to have fun. But you've been programmed to thrive in "the grind" and have so many mental-construct to survives grinding your self daily... "having fun" becomes unthinkable and weird.

I don't know how to have fun!

Or rather, I know, but it's hard to do it without "hidden agendas". I think "this can become a side-hustle thing" or "this can be a lesson" or "this can be training" or "I'm having fun now but it's only to refresh and work again later".

And meanwhile, the vacation clock keeps ticking...

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test dragon : 2023/07/20(Thu) 06:58 ID : 404b8620 *

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no title by test dragon

no body

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test kitty : 2023/07/20(Thu) 06:39 ID : 404b8620

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no title by test kitty

no body